The Independence:Maharashtra-Sahil-Sayyed-in-Ahmednagar-charged-with-raping-a-Hindu-woman-was-earlier-accused-of-abusing-his-wife-and-harassing-her-friends

On Monday, Maharashtra Police registered an FIR against a person named Sahil Mohammed Shakir Sayyed for establishing forceful sexual relations with a Hindu woman and issuing death threats to her. The accused also forced the woman to follow Islamic rituals and practices, reported in Opindia.

The complaint has been registered under IPC sections 376 (rape), 377, 504 (insult intended to provoke breach of the peace), 506 (criminal intimidation), and also under sections 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s), 3(2) of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

According to the FIR copy obtained by OpIndia, the victim and the man got married as per the Islamic rituals in the year 2022. The woman post-marriage got a new Islamic name and began staying with her husband in the Mukundnagar area of the city. The accused, after a few days, began eyeing the Hindu female friends of the victim and would harass them by calling them at odd times. He would also defame the victim woman on calls.

The incident came to light when one of the female friends of the victim called her and informed her about Sayyed. She complained that the latter called at 1:30 midnight one day and harassed her over the phone. Later, the accused also happened to issue death threats to the victim woman. The woman then reached the police station and registered a complaint against her husband.

The accused was called and the matter was somehow settled by the police. The duo then reached home, where the accused turned furious and picked up a rod to hit the woman for approaching the police. However, to save herself from the beatings, the woman consumed a bottle of chemicals. She was immediately taken to the hospital by the accused. The incident is said to have happened on December 21, 2022.

Sayyed then asked the victim to go to her maternal aunt for rest till January 10 this year. But in the meantime, he brought another Hindu woman to his home and began staying with her. The victim never returned to her home after December 21 and began staying with her sister, as per the FIR.

The man then forced the woman to return and stay together with him and his new wife. On refusal, he barged into her residence and established sexual relations with her without her permission. The woman in the complaint mentioned that she was brutally raped and assaulted by the accused.

“He raped me and forced me to stay with him and his new wife. He also told me that he wanted to establish sexual relations with me and his new wife at the very same time. He said he wanted to see how it feels. I refused. He then threatened me and used abusive language for my family,” the woman stated in the complaint.

As per the complaint, Sayyed has also snatched all her jewellery and assets including Rs 1.25 lakhs and is refusing to return them. The woman further said that the accused has a total of 3 wives including the new one. He has issued death threats to the victim and has been using derogatory language for the family members of the victim.

The complaint in the case has been registered under IPC sections 376 (rape), 377, 504 (insult intended to provoke breach of the peace), 506 (criminal intimidation) and also under sections 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s), 3(2) of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

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